About us

Fladen Fishing's ambition is to give you as an angler a good experience. We buy from the world's leading factories without expensive middlemen and can give you the market's most affordable products. We constantly develop our products and focus on making them satisfy you. Our range is aimed at beginners as well as the more experienced.


We at Fladen Fishing take responsibility for how our operations affect people and the environment. Therefore, we ensure that our production lives up to high standards and that it takes place under good working conditions.


Fladen Fishing are members of the Business Social Compliance Initiative - BSCI and through this we have a greater opportunity to influence suppliers and factories in a positive direction.

BSCI, The Business Social Compliance Initiative, is a European business-driven collaborative initiative for companies that want to improve working conditions in the global supply chain. Together, within BSCI, we can place the same demands on our suppliers and can thus influence them to a greater extent than if we worked on our own. Everyone within BSCI uses the same code of conduct. A common code of conduct makes it easier for the supplier because each supplier often produces for your different companies.
BSCI concentrates on working conditions, but the code of conduct "the BSCI Code of Conduct" also contains rules for water, air and chemicals.
Factory inspections are carried out by an accredited third party (Social Accountability Accreditation Services, SAAS). Deviations that emerge during a factory inspection must be rectified and followed up during a re-inspection. We are constantly working to improve working conditions.


We annually support Världens Barn, Radiohjälpen's largest fundraiser. The money goes to children and families around the world and is used, among other things, for education, health care, gender equality and to prevent human trafficking.


Design and development of our products takes place in Sweden. Sport fishing is constantly developing and new methods and interest in new fish species are changing. Together with experienced anglers, Fladen Fishing is careful to follow new trends, develop and improve our range continuously. Our products must be easy to handle, last a long time and above all catch fish!


Manufacturing takes place without intermediaries at leading manufacturers around the world and we work actively to find the best manufacturer for each product, all in order to be able to offer the best quality at the best price. Fladen Fishing works actively to ensure that the working environment at our manufacturers is the best possible. We are also very careful to demand that our products meet strict environmental requirements.


Today, you can find products from us at the vast majority of specialist retailers in sport fishing. We are also represented at many store chains throughout Scandinavia. If you can't find the product you want at your local retailer, you can just ask them to bring it home to you. To increase accessibility, you can now also find our range on this website.


Our assortment consists of over 5,000 different products. We provide a complete range in sport fishing with everything you need, from rods and reels down to lures and various accessories, in sea fishing, lake fishing, winter fishing etc. We have fishing equipment for a small amount of money for those who want to start fishing, but we also have more advanced products for those who want the very best.
We have a wide range of flotation garments, inflatable life jackets, traditional life jackets, flotation suits and survival suits. Within our range of clothes, you will find both fishing and hunting clothing such as jackets, trousers, boots, waders, gloves, etc. We also have products in hunting, marine, camping and lamps.