Join us and support CleanSea!
CleanSea is a Swedish company that aims to save marine wildlife by creating seas filled with life instead of plastic. They do this by removing debris from the sea and coastlines in Sweden with the help of paid staff. CleanSea cleans along the coast, on the seabed, on the surface in harbors, and out on islands. Their goal is to remove all plastic, fishing gear, and debris they find.

To protect our oceans and solve the problem of plastic in the ocean, we must work together. As people, organizations, companies, and entire nations.

Today, as much as 5 bathtubs of plastic washes up along Sweden's west coast every hour, all year round. Unfortunately, it damages much of our beautiful coastline and marine animal and plant life. Over 90% of all seabirds today have plastic in their stomachs, and millions of sea animals die every year due to ocean plastic. This is what we are working to stop. So far, CleanSea has picked up 58,000 kg of plastic and rubbish.

The CleanSea is mainly financed through collaborations with companies and organizations and through their CleanSea bracelets. With a bracelet, you fund the removal of 1 kilo of ocean plastic. The bracelets are handmade with GOTS-certified cotton cord and a clasp made from recycled FSC wood. They contribute to a clean marine environment for both people and wildlife and demonstrate your commitment to a clean sea.

Fladen Fishing AB has decided to fund cleaning for a year on three of Sweden’s most littered beaches: Smögen Kleven, Grundsund, and Hogdal near Strömstad.

We have also purchased 100 bracelets, equivalent to 100 kilo of collected plastic. If you place an order in our webshop for over 500 SEK, you will receive one of these bracelets for free and contribute to a cleaner coast. Help us spread the word about CleanSea so more people can support this important project.

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