The guys in the Team Fladen Navia Lowrance won this year’s edition of the famous Pater Noster Cup sea fishing contest and both during the competition and afterwards they have enjoyed good fishing for the various kinds of wrasse located along the Swedish west coast. They are amazingly fun fish that do not require much equipment. When fishing from a boat, Team Navia has these tips:

“Fish close to mountains and rocks that descends down to 6-8 meters, use a half piece of shrimp with shell (ie the kind of shrimp you buy from the supermarket) per hook on a paternoster tackle. We always use Fladen Multicolor rigs in size 1/0, these we cut in the middle and a use 50-100 gram pirk as weight and voilá – you have two finished paternoster tackle. Both hook and line are of brilliant quality, we got over 50 wrasse on one rig.

/Anders – Team Navia”