The mackerel season is in full swing on the west coast and in addition to being a great fun fishing, self-caught and freshly grilled mackerel is one of the summer’s highlights. When fishing from a boat, we recommend a shorter and stiffer rod with multiplier reel to easily lift the fish. Do you fish from shore is a little longer rod with a spinning reel is better.

From a boat or from land / ports / piers where there is deeper water, a mackerel rig with a pirk works best. If you fish from land where there is a bit shallower water and risk of getting caught in the seaweed, you can skip the mackerel rig and only fish with a lighter pirk or spoon.

Here´s a set of products we recommend for this type of fishing:

Deep Sea Expert 180cm 100-250g

Coast Expert 240cm 20-40g

Haken silver silver reflektera 40-100g

Makrillhäckla med självlysande tape & kulor