Maxximus ST Fly 270cm AFTMA 6/7

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Maxximus ST Fly combo is a fly-fishing rig we are really proud of. The rod is an easy casting, fast, four-piece 9-foot graphite rod which ought to cost a lot more than it does. Together with our large spool alumi-nium fly reel with soft drag, you have a fantastic combo. With this you get a floating line with a braided core which prevents line memory. The line is 30 m long, and has a pronounced head so that you can get tension in the line when you are casting. The line is two-coloured with distinct orange running line and a muted green head so that it doesn’t scare the fish in clear lakes. Naturally, follow this with both 20 lbs backing and an nine-foot tapered leader. Your rod comes with both a fabric cover and a tube, for that bit more protection.

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