Living Trout Pink Explosion 114g 23cm/52g 18cm

From: 79,00 kr

Living Trout is a swimbait, a soft lure which imitates a fish both in swimming action and shape. The streamline-shaped and segmented body gives Living Trout a highly realistic action.

You can Fish Living Trout with a shallow screw rig. In our range there are several different rigs which match perfectly. Without extra weight you can fish Living Trout very shallowly and down to 6-7 feet. If you want to fish deeper you simply attach a Fladen Quick-change-weight.

Living Trout is specially designed for Faceit, a baitholder made by Fladen. Both shape and colours match perfectly with Faceit. Faceit enhances the movements in Living Trout. A deadly combo for both ordinary spinning and trolling!

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