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Flotation Jacket & Bib and Brace

Our Flotation Suits are manufactured to stand the highest demands and are certified both as Flotation Suit EN393 and as Immersion Suit ISO 15027-1. One of the criteria of the ISO 15027-1 test is that the wearer must not lose more than 2°C of their body temperature during one hour in 5°C water. The test result with the Fladen suit was a loss of only 1.2°C. A Flotation Suit gives protection against the first cold shock, unlike a wetsuit which uses body temperature to warm the water within the suit. Our suits are manufactured from a light, soft, wind and water resistant fabric which gives incredible comfort and mobility.

Our two piece Flotation Suits are not certified as ISO15027-1, even though the fabric and structure is exactly the same as our one piece suits which are certified, because the jacket and trousers can be worn separately, reducing the flotation value. However when worn together, the jacket and trousers exceed the Flotation Suit safety standard, because unlike some of our competitors, our trousers are made with flotation material. The jacket alone is certified as EN393 Flotation Jacket.