Personal data

Fladen Fishing cares about your personal privacy. As data controller we are ultimately responsible for our processing of your personal data, and for this reason we intend to describe below, among other things, what personal data we process or will process concerning you, our purpose with the processing and what rights you have as a consequence of this.

For those who are consumers, customers, suppliers or who in some other way come into contact with FladenFishing

Depending on how you come into contact with Fladen Fishing and/or which company you enter into a contract with, the controller will be one of the following.

  • Fladen Fishing AB, corporate identity number 556214-6018, Honungsgatan 5, 432 48 Varberg.
  • Fladen Store AB, corporate identity number 556468-5203, Honungsgatan 5, 432 48 Varberg.

The company which acts as controller is referred to as “Fladen Fishing” below.

Through our websites and we collect and process personal data which is submitted to Fladen Fishing in connection with your business contacts with us. Examples of categories of data collected and processed are name, contact details such as address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address and data on your position and the company or organisation you represent. The personal data may also concern payment information and other information supplied in connection with purchase or delivery of a product. Fladen Fishing does not sell any personal data to third parties and discloses personal data only if required by law or administrative decision.

Fladen Fishing retains personal data during the period of time when there is a business relationship with the customer or for as long as is otherwise necessary in order to fulfil the purpose of the processing or for as long as there is an obligation to retain the data by law, ordinance or administrative decision.

What personal data do we collect and how do we obtain access to it?


We process your personal data based on the following legal grounds and for the following purposes.


  • To fulfil a contract: For management and administration of purchases, deliveries of products and to make and receive payments.
  • To comply with a legal obligation: We retain documentation in connection with invoicing in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances on book-keeping.
  • Pursuant to a balancing of our legitimate interest: We will provide you with direct marketing concerning our products in order to maintain business relations and market our products.


If a service which we provide requires your consent, we will always explicitlyask you to give your consent for such a service and our processing of your personal data. We will, for example, ask for your consent if you wish to receive our mailings by e-mail.


Storage of personal data

Fladen Fishing takes all appropriate measures to ensure that your personal data is processed and stored securely. Your personal data will never be stored longer than is permitted under applicable law or longer than is necessary to fulfil the purposes indicated above. Your personal data will be processed by us during the following periods of time.


  • Consumer, customer, distributor or agent: If you are a consumer, customer, distributor or agent and you have entered into a contract with Fladen Fishing, your personal data will be retained for as long as is necessary for the company to be able to fulfil the contract with you, for example until we have delivered the product you have ordered, but not longer than two years after your most recent contact with the company. This includes fulfilment of delivery or warranty commitments. This does not, however, apply if we need to retain your data for a longer period for one of the reasons stated below.


  • Applicant for employment: The personal data you supply to us through a CV, personal letter, photograph or other documents will be used for the purpose of assessing whether you are a suitable candidate for the position for which you have applied. We will retain your personal data during the recruitment process, until the recruitment process has been completed and for a period of up to six months thereafter, in order to be able to defend potential legal claims. The personal data will then be erased in its entirety.
  • Communication: If you have contacted Fladen Fishing, for example by e-mail, your personal data will be stored for as long as is needed to enable us to supplement a request or deal with the reason why you contacted us.
  • Legal obligations: The company retains all documentation which constitutes book-keeping information in accordance with applicable accountancy legislation.
  • Direct marketing: We may process your personal data for direct marketing for as long as two years after the customer relationship has ended, unless you object to your personal data being used for this purpose.

Transfer of personal data

Personal data concerning our customers is an important part of the company’s operation, and we do not sell personal data to anyone else. We transfer personal data only as described below. We always observe great caution in transferring personal data and take appropriate security measures.

  • Transfers to affiliated companies: Fladen Store AB may transfer your personal data to affiliated companies, for the purpose of directmarketing of our products.
  • Business transactions: If the whole or parts of Fladen Fishing’s operation is sold or integrated with some other operation or business, your personal data may be forwarded to our advisers, potential buyers and their advisers and transferred to the new owners of the company operation.
  • Legal obligations: Your personal data may also be divulgedto enable the company to comply with certain statutory obligations. It may also be transferred to the police and other relevant authorities when this is permitted and necessary by law.


The above transfers may be carried out only to businesses in the EU or the EEA (i.e. all EU member states, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein).


If you have opinions or questions concerning our handling of personal data

You may at any time, by contacting us at the address, obtain access to the personal data we process concerning you in a structured, generally used and machine-readable format; request that your personal data be rectified and/or erased; wholly or partially withdraw your consent; request that the processing of your personal data be restricted; present comments on the way in which we process your personal data; or, if this is technically possible, the processing takes place automatically and is based on consent, have your personal data transferred directly from us to another controller.

You can also contact the Swedish Data Protection Authority ( with complaints.