Our octopus rigs are easy to use and highly efficient bait for cod and coalfish. Attach a pirk in one end and the main line in the other and you are ready to fish. It´s as simple as that! Available in sizes from 2/0 – 10/0 where 2/0 are the smallest for fishing for smaller fish or if you also want to get mackerel when fishing for cod/coalfish. 4/0 – 8/0 is allround for cod and coalfish.

A pirk is partly used to quickly descend the right fishing depth, but it is also a bait in itself. The fish often bites the pirk aswell so make sure it has hooks on it. Sometimes, however, you can remove the hook if there is a high risk of getting caught on the bottom when fishing from a boat. How heavy the pirk should be depends on how deep it is, any current and what the rod can handle. A good all-round equipment is our sets below in 30-40 lbs with a pirk of 200-400 grams. Then you can reach fishing depths quickly and you will keep bottom contact in many situations. Do you want to fish on shallower water is an equipment around 20 lbs and pirk from 60-100 grams to recommend.

Here´s a selection of a couple of nice combos, pirks and rigs:

Combo Fission Boat 180cm

Combo Chieftain 195cm

Rundpilk 12° red/yellow 200-500g

Rundpilk 12° silver blue reflect 200-500g

Robban Octopus

Winged Octopus Rig

Pink/Purp. Squid Rig