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    These new trout-lures, Dizzy Tobis

    These new trout-lures, Dizzy Tobis, are brand new for next season. They are inline-lures and have a fantastic irregular movement and the “heel” gives them extra spinning effect. Choose between 10 great colors and two weights, 16 and 22 gram. Delivered ready mounted with 0,35mm flourocarbon, high quality treble hook, double-swivel and buffert bead.

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    Fluorescent Flutter

    Strong colors produces fish! Some days strong colors is the solution to get a bite. With Fluorescent Flutter we really have had this in mind. These small spoons in excellent quality and strong colors are amazing. Very effective for many different species, both in freshwater and along the coast. Choose between 7 gram (45 mm), […]

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    Pilk 12-gradaren rundpilk

    Our new 12* is a pilk in highest finish with top quality hook. Round pirk 12* is cut at precisely 12 degrees to give optimal movement. Choose from 4 weights, 200, 300, 400 or 500 grams in four fantastic colours.

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    Maxximus Wading Nets

    Maxximus Wading Nets are two new floating nets perfect for wading or other types of game fishing. The frame is wide which helps you land your targetfish. The net has a rubber coating and is very deep which helps you to “lock” your fish safely. Size L is 90 cm long and the net is […]

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    Subbe is an S-shaped plump spoon in fantastic colours. Subbe gives you exceptionally long casts, even against the wind, but since the body is zinc, it has fine buoyancy, and can be fished in shallow water. Choose from 3 weights: 12, 18 and 24 grams. Superb for brown trout, rainbows etc. Fitted with sharp VMC […]

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    Maxximus Dropshot

    Maxximus Dropshot is a top-of-the-range rod for light spinning and dropshotting. The 30T IM7 graphite stick is almost magical to handle. Fuji’s reel seats and multiple prize-winning MicroWave guides from American Tackle were the natural choice. Available in two lengths, 7 and 8 fot.

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    Fladens Vermz

    Fladen’s Vermz are imitations of natural worms. They look and smell/taste just like natural worms, and are boosted with natural amino acids. The Bloodworms, i.e. the larvae of non-biting midges, are perfect for most species, and perform particularly well, for example, for winter fishing for perch and game fish. I the range you also find […]

  • vinterpilk


    Lagom till pimpelfisket har vi nu fått i lager ett helt nytt sortiment med suveränt fina vertikalpirkar i fantastisk finish. Fin lyster, inga dåliga skarvar, inga luftbubblor inuti och riktigt bra gång! Dessutom levereras de med länk och limkrok bästa kvalité. Dessa kommer att leverera abborre på isarna 2016! Vi erbjuder två olika modeller i […]

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    Haspelspö för pimpelfiske

    Nu verkar det som om vi får is i hela vårt avlånga land vilket vi har längtat efter. Fladen har en rad nya produkter för vinterfisket. Häromveckan kom våra nya haspelspö för pimpelfiske efter grov abborre, regnbåge och annan ädelfisk hem. Serien heter Vantage Ice och består av flera haspelspö mellan 50 och 60 cm. […]

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    Dropshot fishing

    Loads of killer jigs, dropshot weights in both tungsten and zinc, ready-to-fish dropshot sets, and, not least, several fantastic rods in a range of price-classes are on their way. Keep a look-out!

  • fisk

    Innovative weights for soft lures

    We are pleased to launch our new innovative sinkers for rubber baits, our Quickchange weights. They are perfect for getting your jig down to the right depth, of course, but they also give your rubber baits a more stable action. Easy to use, just click the sinker into the eye on the shallow screw or […]

  • barn

    Maxximus Predator Softy Conrad

    Maxximus Predator Softy Conrad ”Ready-to-fish” has taken many a pike in the spring. They are in a shop near you. They are available in two sizes, 24 and 20 cm, and in 10 colours that pike can’t resist. The jig is ready rigged with a hook, and the larger model also has a stinger hook.