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    Haspelspö för pimpelfiske

    Nu verkar det som om vi får is i hela vårt avlånga land vilket vi har längtat efter. Fladen har en rad nya produkter för vinterfisket. Häromveckan kom våra nya haspelspö för pimpelfiske efter grov abborre, regnbåge och annan ädelfisk hem. Serien heter Vantage Ice och består av flera haspelspö mellan 50 och 60 cm. […]

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    Fladen Maxximus Specimen Barbel

    Fladen Maxximus Specimen Barbel 1.75 lbs is a perfect rod for bottom fishing for a wide spectrum of species, especially for hunting big perch with bait fish. The 12 foot (3.60 m) length in combination with its spine ensures long casting. The white quiver tips are clearly visible, even in poor light conditions. The rod […]

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    Dropshot fishing

    Loads of killer jigs, dropshot weights in both tungsten and zinc, ready-to-fish dropshot sets, and, not least, several fantastic rods in a range of price-classes are on their way. Keep a look-out!

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    It’s time to get ready for ice-fishing!

    Our Maxximus Predator Ice are superb rods for the ice-fishing enthusiast. They are 140 cm long, and come in two models for multiplier reels and two models for fixed-spool reels. Both versions are available in medium and heavy action. Medium is best suited to zander, or for anglers who prefer a softer rod for pike […]

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    Smart rod holder and our best tip-ups!

    Our rod holder for ice-fishing is easy to use, keeping your rod above the snow and ice. With its black colour, it is highly visible, and the reflective tape helps you find it when the light fades. The rod holder is supplied with a pike tip-up and alarm bell. We have two types of loose […]

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    Innovative weights for soft lures

    We are pleased to launch our new innovative sinkers for rubber baits, our Quickchange weights. They are perfect for getting your jig down to the right depth, of course, but they also give your rubber baits a more stable action. Easy to use, just click the sinker into the eye on the shallow screw or […]

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    Team Navia, sponsored by Fladen Fishing

    Team Navia, sponsored by Fladen Fishing, won the Langesund Fiskefestival 2015, with a new festival record. Well done to Daniel Eriksson, Anders Christensson and Daniel Lindblom!! Let’s hear how they did it: ”It was time for this year’s Langesund Festival in Norway. For us, it’s the most enjoyable and most species-rich small boat competition, with […]

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    Maxximus Predator Softy Conrad

    Maxximus Predator Softy Conrad ”Ready-to-fish” has taken many a pike in the spring. They are in a shop near you. They are available in two sizes, 24 and 20 cm, and in 10 colours that pike can’t resist. The jig is ready rigged with a hook, and the larger model also has a stinger hook.

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    Polarized sunglasses

    Last year, we launched a range of polarised glasses for fishing and active leisure use. This was a great success, so we are releasing 11 more models this year. You now have 21 different models to choose from. All models have lenses with UV400 protection, which means that they filter out ultraviolet light up to […]

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    Warbird MW Spin Combo

    Our top of the range Warbird MW Spin Combo is now in the shops. The set consists of rod, fixed-spool reel and braided line. The rod is our light and distinctive Warbird MW, which is fitted with the multiple prize-winning MicroWave guides from American Tackle. The reel is our excellent Vantage FX fixed-spool reel with […]