Design and Development

    Our products are designed and developed in Sweden. Angling is constantly progressing, as new methods are introduced and interest in new species grows. Working closely with a team of experienced anglers, Fladen Fishing monitors new trends carefully, and we develop and improve our range continuously. Our products must be easy to handle, durable and, above all, catch fish!

  • Quality and environmental policy

    Our products are manufactured, without intermediaries, by leading manufacturers throughout the world. We actively search out the best producer for each individual product, to ensure that we can offer the best quality at the best price. Fladen Fishing works actively to ensure that our producers provide the best possible work environment. We also insist that our products are able to meet very high environmental standards.

  • Availability

    You can find our products in the vast majority of specialised fishing tackle shops. We are also represented in many retail chains all over Scandinavia. If your local retailer does not have the product you want in stock, they will be pleased to order it for you. Just ask. For improved availability, you can now find our range on this website.

  • Products

    Our range includes over 5,000 products. We supply a full range of fishing tackle, with everything you need, from rod and reel to bait, and a wide selection of accessories, for sea angling, lake fishing, winter fishing and more. We have fishing tackle at a sensible price for beginners, as well as top-of-the-line products for anglers who want only the best. We have a broad range of buoyancy garments, inflatable life jackets, traditional life jackets, floatation suits and survival suits. Our clothing range offers both fishing and hunting clothes, including jackets, trousers, boots, waders and gloves. We also supply products for hunting, sailing and camping, as well as lamps.


You can download our catalogue or read it on-line (click here). If you would like to order a catalogue please contact us.
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Latest news!

  • 14344327_1104601066282353_9219125824697386242_n

    These new trout-lures, Dizzy Tobis

    These new trout-lures, Dizzy Tobis, are brand new for next season. They are inline-lures and have a fantastic irregular movement and the “heel” gives them extra spinning effect. Choose between 10 great colors and two weights, 16 and 22 gram. Delivered ready mounted with 0,35mm flourocarbon, high quality treble hook, double-swivel and buffert bead.

  • 14199607_1096428430432950_1460605960466636552_n

    Round pirk 12°

    Round pirk 12° is cut precisely at 12 degrees to give optimal movement. High finish, fantastic colours. Available in 200, 300, 400 and 500gr.

  • 13691071_1054755784600215_280894133193224012_o

    Keepnet för betesfisk

    Our Baitfish keepnet made with rubber net is a excellent product for your summerfishing, both in fresh and saltwater. 60*40 cm in size. Hang it over the side of the boat or along the beach. Floating and easy to open from above.

  • 13909154_1073173366091790_6611591408357203243_o

    Maxximus Solid Carbon

    Maxximus Solid Carbon are the finest rods you can use. This range of solid carbon-rods gives you a very thin and light blank with extreme lifting power, while still maintaining an incredible weight to strength ratio unmatched by tubular blanks. With the solid blank you can tame more or less every fish that swims. Strong, […]

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