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  • maxximus drysuit torrdräkt

    Maxximus DrySuit

    This is our popular Maxximus DrySuit. It’s made with 4-layer fabric and will keep you warm and dry in the harshest conditions. Latex in wrists and collar ensures that no water enters. The front waterproof Ti-Zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. We recommend to use the dry suit in conjuction with […]

  • faceitRityta 1@216x-100


    FACEIT Faceit är en beteshållare uppfunnen av duktige sportfiskaren Per Haggren. Han tog patent på sin uppfinning redan 2004. Under många år använde Per och hans kompisar Faceit med mycket stor framgång. Fladen Fishing har tillsammans med Per tagit fram Faceit i serietillverkning. Du kan använda Faceit antingen med död betesfisk eller jigg. Vi har […]

  • 14344327_1104601066282353_9219125824697386242_n

    These new trout-lures, Dizzy Tobis

    These new trout-lures, Dizzy Tobis, are brand new for next season. They are inline-lures and have a fantastic irregular movement and the „heel“ gives them extra spinning effect. Choose between 10 great colors and two weights, 16 and 22 gram. Delivered ready mounted with 0,35mm flourocarbon, high quality treble hook, double-swivel and buffert bead.

  • 14199607_1096428430432950_1460605960466636552_n

    Round pirk 12°

    Round pirk 12° is cut precisely at 12 degrees to give optimal movement. High finish, fantastic colours. Available in 200, 300, 400 and 500gr.

  • 13691071_1054755784600215_280894133193224012_o

    Keepnet för betesfisk

    Our Baitfish keepnet made with rubber net is a excellent product for your summerfishing, both in fresh and saltwater. 60*40 cm in size. Hang it over the side of the boat or along the beach. Floating and easy to open from above.

  • 13909154_1073173366091790_6611591408357203243_o

    Maxximus Solid Carbon

    Maxximus Solid Carbon are the finest rods you can use. This range of solid carbon-rods gives you a very thin and light blank with extreme lifting power, while still maintaining an incredible weight to strength ratio unmatched by tubular blanks. With the solid blank you can tame more or less every fish that swims. Strong, […]

  • 13308460_1028715873870873_3511524695384983595_o

    Maxximus Alu 2-speed

    Maxximus Alu 2-speed is a top-quality multiplier reel for the angler who demands the very best. Made from precision forged 6061-T6 aluminium and stainless steel. Maxximus Alu 2-speed has two gear ratios, 6.3:1 and 3.3:1, and is fitted with precision-machined, stainless steel helical cut gears. Carbon drag washers give superb stopping power, smoothness and wear-resistance. […]

  • 13198477_1021028647972929_2695896009904520585_o

    Warbird Travel

    Our new Warbird Travel are fantastic good spinning rods. Light and very distinct blank. So good that you probably not notice that they are 4-piece! Perfect companion on your trip, no matter it is to your local water or the other side of the globe. 7 ft 2-12gr, 7 ft 5-30gr and 8 ft 10-40gr. […]

  • 13086695_1008472622561865_4744108637928258377_o

    Attracta Spinners

    Attracta Spinners are definitely made to be seen. A fierily spinning spinner in strong signal colours can attract the most sluggish of prey fish. Choose from 4 colours in three weights, 15, 20 and 30 grams. Perfect for pike, big perch, salmon and trout.

  • 980735_979502472125547_7382132787359503942_o

    Fladen Fishing – Mässan

    Tack alla som besökte oss i vår monter på Sportfiskemässan i Älvsjö. Montern fick 1:a pris vilket vi självklart är mycket stolta över. Läs motiveringen nedan. Totalt 14 758 besökare under tre dagar. Än en gång – tack! Motivering: Den här montern är både estetiskt vacker och smart utformad där ytterväggarna utnyttjades till att visa […]